ShuangXi Park Urban Redevelopment- Taipei, Taiwan

This was an urban redevelopment project attended by architecture students from the University of Sydney, and selected universities from across Asia. The workshop aimed to develop a series of proposals for specific sites along Taipei’s natural and cultural ‘corridors’, to increase Taipei’s chances of winning their bid for 2016 World design capital.

The proposal was to redevelop and reinvigorate an old Chinese garden that had become unused by the community. It centred upon the creation of a public space that would be activated by the inclusion of an underground tube station, and plaza space that could accommodate an architectural pavilion for the 2016 World design Capital fair. The proposal not only looked at the reinvigoration of ShuangXi park, but also how the location of the park on the fringe between the city and the Yangminshan national park creates an opportunity to improve access to the national park for locals and tourists alike. This proposal went beyond the scope of the brief to not only develop the immediate precinct of ShuangXi, by also to create a series of experiential moments throughout the national park, or ‘natural corridor’, and a variety of means by which people could experience them. In addition, the new area of ShuangXi builds upon the existing cultural destinations, injecting new program into the area that will help to emphasise the rich cultural experiences within Taipei, greatly improving the city’s chances of being named world design capitol 2016.