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Power Lungs


Competition submission: Jacques Rougerie Fondation, Architecture for the Sea, 2018

Project selected as one of 10 shortlisted projects from a total of 1,756 submissions


This project was developed in 2017/2018 for an open, international competition for 'Architecture for the Sea: Ports of the future'. Ocean Lungs was a concept developed over a 4 week period in which the project focused on the latest global paradigm shift: autonomous electric vehicles (including shipping), and how and the potential this creates for new environmentally conscious infrastructure.

‘Power Lungs’ proposes to make global electric shipping viable by repurposing the more than 60,000 ocean drilling rigs that are to become obsolete when diesel fuel is no longer required, to create ocean battery recharge stations. These will be positioned around the world, and utilise renewable power generation to enable global shipping on battery power.

But this also presents an opportunity to reverse the damage already caused by humanity.  ‘Power Lungs’ has three main goals:

1.     Enable global electric shipping

2.     Convert existing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to oxygen

3.     Ensure environmental and commercial sustainability of ‘Power Lungs’ through the production of food, biofuel and medicine

By utilising local ocean resources Power Lungs will reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and generate oxygen through the photosynthesis of algae. Power Lungs will also guarantee commercial sustainability through the production of products using locally available, ocean resources.


Battery Reload Automation:

Ocean Lungs:

Power Tower:

Production Ports: