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Marsden Park Anglican Church

Fulton Trotter Architects

Marsden Park Church is a project I worked on at Fulton Trotter Architects in Sydney. The office was engaged to present a concept design for consideration for a new church in the Western region of Sydney, after which the office was engaged to undertake further design development and documentation. I was appointed project Architect on the job and was responsible for seeing the project through from initial conceptual development.

The design was generated from a desire to centralise and celebrate the church community within the spaces, so a central gathering point was conceived, surrounded by a 'village cluster' of ancillary buildings that housed the various functional spaces. The building forms were designed as simple geometric masses, with reference to the primary building forms and materials in the area- a reflection of the church's place in the current and future community.

The project is currently progressing through documentation in preparation for the start of construction.