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Kinetic Robotic Operated Workspace


Non Architecture Competition: Alternative Office Designs 2018


Dear Valued customer,

We are pleased to finally announce the release of our new K.R.O.W. modules for purchase as of the 1st January 2025. After 5 years of research and development, our K.R.O.W. modules have now received approval by the traffic authorities for autonomous operation on public roads and within public spaces. [Fig. 1] Now like never before, your office can be located anywhere you desire*2, whenever you desire.

With our new K.R.O.W. modules, work efficiency will skyrocket to 98%, as commuting is no longer an issue. With our K.R.O.W. modules, your private home office is now detachable from your home, fully mobile, autonomously operated, and adaptable for multi-docking with other modules, when group work or meetings are required. [Fig. 2]

Our new K.R.O.W. modules are set to revolutionise the city environment, as the streets are the new commercial districts. [Fig. 3] Traffic Jams will be the most productive time of your day! You can of course work from home within your new K.R.O.W. module, or if slight separation is required, simply relocate to the back yard, or down the street.

With our new K.R.O.W. module, flexibility, mobility and efficiency are the key.


*1-            KROW = WORK spelled backwards

*2-            Subject to local authority approval